Welcome to the Wonderful World of Webster PTA!

We are glad you are visiting the official Webster PTA website.  We are off to a great start to our year and look forward to interacting with you and benefiting your children throughout the year.

Our PTA is membership driven so if you have not done so already please consider joining the PTA at the next event.  The annual dues are minimal and you get so much in return for the small investment.  We are shooting for 100% participation this year so we hope you will join.

If there is anything you think the PTA can do for you or if you have any ideas for events over the course of the year please feel free to reach out and get in touch.

While you are here, click around to learn more about the PTA and how you can become involved. All PTA members will have the opportunity to take part in our digital directory on SchoolBee and receive our email alerts.