School begins at 8:25. Drivers of cars dropping off children on Calhoun Ave. cannot leave their vehicles. There is no right turn onto Glenmore.    

Daily Dismissal Exits  

Kindergarten: Back of door of classroom onto the playground. Enter the school grounds via the driveway on Calhoun Ave. The gate will be unlocked at 11:30 on half days and at 3:00 on full days.

Grade 1: Door near driveway, which is adjacent to the playground on Calhoun Ave.  

Grade 2: Door on Calhoun Avenue in front of crossing guard, near intersection of Calhoun Ave. and Glenmore Drive  

Mrs. Finnerty's Class: Door on Glenmore Dr., next to the cafeteria  

Grade 3: Calhoun Ave., door closest to the driveway  

Grade 4 and 5: Door on Glenmore Dr., next to the cafeteria